See It.

Player Map X-Ray (PMX) equips you to create maps showing existing client relationships or ones you need to build, and guides you on how to develop Player Plans.

PMX enables you to visually see how to manage your must-win projects on only 1 page using the Player Map, helping you sell more sooner when you Player Map it.

    Increase win rate when you Player Map it

Create It.

Player Map complements any selling process you use today, and PMX helps you create dynamic Player Maps focused on your key client Players not static org charts.

FAQ: You can access PMX on your laptop, tablet, Android or Apple phone;  PMX is hosted on Amazon Web Services;  Player Map picture is a global sales language.

   PMX works with LinkedIn® and Salesforce®                             
Win It.

Quick, secure and easy to use, PMX analyzes each Player Map in real-time, and provides you on-the-fly coaching on key Players and bridges you need to build to win.

Feedback: "PMX is very easy to use." - USA;  "Player Map helps us to communicate globally." - Switzerland;  "Our win rate has doubled with Player Map!" - Australia.

   Built-in sales process helps drive results



PMX Standard is US$59.00 a year (access it on your Chrome, Edge or Safari browser), ping us for a PayPal invoice, then you will be up & running PMX in minutes.

PMX for Salesforce® is US$89.00 a year (access via your company Salesforce), please contact us to discuss PMX integration & installation in company Salesforce.

  Player Map it to help maximize your sales


Player Map  prepares your team to maximize wins on your strategic projects, a proven process focused on aligning with client Players to deliver the value they want. 

Installed via streaming webinars, the Player Map system is tailored to your client and revenue goals, and sustained by your team driving real-world projects on PMX.

  We look forward to helping you Player Map it

Scott LelandCEO + Player Map X-Ray Co-Founder              
Started Player Map in 1991, and has advised clients on must-win projects in over 70 countries, core Player Map clients have increased win rate + profit margin.

Tapan ShahCTO + Player Map X-Ray Co-Founder  
The technical expert behind Player Map X-Ray (PMX), a real-time systems and visual expert, Tapan designed Player Map X-Ray to be a high-impact sales tool.

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