See It.

An x-ray of social networks, you can see your sales plan with the Player Map.  Built to optimize sales planning, team collaboration and manager coaching, you can very effectively drive account management on only 1 page using Player Map.  Leveraging LinkedIn® and Salesforce®, you will sell more sooner when you Player Map it.

Increase sales win rate when you Player Map it

Create It.

Player Map X-Ray (PMX) turns org charts into custom Player Maps.  PMX message board streamlines team collaboration and sales plan reviews.  Manage Player Maps in your private account on our super-quick and secure host, accessing PMX anytime and anyplace, enabling you to drive business at your pace.
                                       PMX works with LinkedIn® and Salesforce®                                     
Win It.

Complementary to any selling process or CRM you use today, our patented PMX creates your Player Maps not an org chart, a sales focused relationship map.  PMX Standard is US$55 a year, and PMX for Salesforce® is US$84 a year - please contact us to discuss your PMX version, then you will be set to Player Map it.
Built-in sales process to sustain results
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